Filip Železný

Dept. of Computer Science
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague
Karlovo namesti 13, 12135 Prague 2, Czech Republic
E-mail: zelezny *at*, Phone # +420224357661


Awards & Projects

Community work


Full Vita



Machine Learning and Data Analysis - AE4M33SAD

Bioinformatics - A6M33BIN (in Czech)

Functional and Logic Programming - AE4B33FLP

Data Mining - A7B36VYD (in Czech)

Current PhD Students

Jáchym Barvínek - TBD (co-supervised by Jiří Kléma)

Martin Svatoš - Structure Learning for Lifted Relational Neural Networks

Petr Ryšavý - Biological Sequence Assembly for Unsupervised Learning

Radomír Černoch - Combinatorial Design of Large Key-Lock Systems

Karel Jalovec - Biological Sequence Assembly for Predictive Classification

Gustav Šourek - Lifted Relational Neural Networks

František Malinka - Semantic Biclustering (co-supervised by Jiří Kléma)

Past PhD Students

Matěj Holec - Set-Level Classification of Gene Expression Data (completed in 3/2015)

Petr Buryan - Refinement Action-based Framework for Utilization of Softcomputing in Inductive Learning (completed in 5/2014, co-supervised by Jiří Kubalik)

Andrea Szabóová - Prediction of DNA-Binding Propensity of Proteins Using Machine Learning (completed in 11/2013)

Ondřej Kuželka - Fast Construction of Relational Features for Machine Learning (completed in 10/2013)

Monika Žáková - Exploiting Ontologies and Higher-Order Knowledge in Relational Learning (completed in 6/2012)