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  abstract = {The vast majority of population-based optimization algorithms use selection in such a way that the non-selected individuals do not have any effect on the evolution at all, even though they may carry a valueable information --- information about the search space areas where the search should be suppressed and/or about the local shape of the search distribution. This article describes a unified way of taking advantage of the information hidden in the non-selected individuals in the framework of evolutionary algorithms: first, build a classifier discriminating between selected and non-selected individuals, then turn the description of selected individuals into a search distribution, and sample new offspring from it. The concept is verified by a simple real-valued evolutionary algorithm which outperforms the state-of-the-art evolutionary strategy with covariance matrix adaptation (CMA-ES) on selected test functions in all tested search space dimensionalities. Finally, the article proposes some guidelines for future work to make this algorithm generally applicable.},
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