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  abstract = {The prediction of tumour recurrence in patients with superficial bladder tumours is inaccurate. For the improvement of recurrence prognosis in patients with superficial bladder cancer we investigated gene expression and identified differences between superficial bladder tumours without recurrence during period of two years (5 patients) and with early recurrence (7 patients), which might explain differences in the biology and clinical outcomes of these groups of TCC. High-density oligonucleotide microarrays (29,019 genes) were used to analyze the transcript profiles of 12 superficial bladder tumours: 11 pTa and 1 pT1, grading 2 G1 and 10 G2. Statistical analyses were applied to investigate the ability of the genes to identify patients without recurrence during period of two years and with early recurrence. Initial screening using the GeneSpring and Bioconductor software tools revealed a putative set of about 120 genes associating with the recurrence class. Significant differences were observed by HOXA10, GPNMB, TCN1, H19, FABP3 and PLOD2 genes. Besides, we integrated the microarray dataset with additional background knowledge, in order to algorithmically mine for differential-expression patterns in terms of the Gene Ontology functions and processes as well as known regulatory pathway memberships. Our results indicate that it may be possible to identify patients with a high risk of disease recurrence at an early stage using a molecular profile present already in the superficial tumours. Research is supported by MSM 0021620808 and IGA NR 8934-3.},
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